Sleeping bags

Our company produces sleepers for the EU and USA markets that are tailored to your personal requests and available for shipping worldwide.

Operating in both the EU and USA markets, we take pride in our ability to craft and customize sleeping bags that guarantee comfort and performance, suitable for a global audience.

We offer over 10 models of sleepers designed for light trucks, including:

With our extensive experience going all the way back to 2012, we specialize in the production, installation, and operation of sleepers. For all of the mentioned models, we provide roof-mounted aerodynamic spoilers.

Our warehouses in Germany and the USA are fully stocked with all available models.

If the model that you are after is not on our list, we can design and make the finished product within 4 months after placing an order.

Prices are determined on a case-by-caser basis, depending on your specific requirements.


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